💡What is Pandez Tools?

Made with ❤️ by Pandez and his Pandez Labs team

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Pandez Tools is a complex giveaway bot with advanced features that make it easy for groups to give away prizes, whitelist spots and more. Made by Pandez and his Pandez Labs development team.

・Giveaways with seamless wallet address collection

・Export the list of giveaway winners easily

・Advanced requirements to join a giveaway

・Blacklist roles/users

・Add roles to giveaway winners

・Import files and give roles to names found in the file

・And a lot more!

Servers using Pandez Tools:

  • Doodles

  • Psychedelics Anonymous

  • Karafuru

  • Llamaverse

  • Phantom Network (Project PXN)

  • Quirkies

  • Project GodJira


  • Crypton Goonz

  • Cryptobatz

  • Antonym

  • Sappy Seals

  • Degen Toonz

  • The Other Side

  • ZenApe

  • and more!

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