Fake bot/impersonator detection

Made with ❤️ by Pandez and his Pandez Labs team

・Advanced filter list

・Automatically bans joining members with names that violate the filter list

・Automatically bans existing members with names that violate the filter list

・Scan for members that match a specific filter

・Allow team/staff members to bypass the filter list

Buy premium: buy.pandezlabs.com

Setting up

1. Use the /bypass add command, followed by the user(s)/role(s) you would like to add to the bypass list. These members won't be affected by this feature and won't be banned for having a username that violates the filter list.

2. Use the /filter add command to add the filters the bot will act on. If the bot detects a username that violates the filter list, it will automatically ban them when a) joining the server, or b) updating their username.

This feature supports regex expressions for more control and accuracy.

Regex cheat sheet: https://docs.rackspace.com/support/how-to/regex-cheat-sheet-basics/

You can always create a ticket in our Discord server for assistance and guidance.

You can also create a ticket to get an up to date list of filters to add to the filter list, curated by us.

You must add one filter per line.

3. Use the /cleanse command to ban existing members in the server that violate the filter list. This only has to be done after adding new filters to the filter list. Everything else is automated after that.

Other commands

Use the /scan command, followed by a regex expression or keyword to scan for any members that match the criteria. This is useful to test out filters before actually adding them to the filter list.

Use the /scannonenglish command to scan for all members with non-English characters in their names. This is useful to find any members that are trying to bypass the filter list by using special characters. Even though our bot already detects these, you can report any the bot might have missed in our Discord server so we can continue to improve our detection system.

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