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Command List

Made with ❤️ by Pandez and his Pandez Labs team
  • /audit logs
    • View and filter your server's audit logs with the following optional arguments:
      • executor - Filter by the user that performed the action
      • target - Filter by the user, channel or role that an action was performed on
      • action - Filter by the type of action that was performed
      • duration - Filter by when the action was performed (e.g. 2d will show the logs for the last 2 days)
    • The free version of the bot only lets you see up to 5 audit logs. Buy premium for unlimited logs.
  • /about
    • Get information about the bot and the official links.
  • /lock
    • Lock the server and add the following optional arguments:
      • code - Access code to get into the server
      • duration - How long the access code will be valid for
        • Use m for minutes (e.g. 10m)
        • Use h for hours (e.g. 1h)
        • Use d for days (e.g. 2d)
      • uses - Number of times the access code can be used
      • Or a combination of all three
    • You can use the command again at any time to override the current bot's status.
    • Using the command with no optional arguments, locks down the server until it is unlocked.
    • Examples:
/lock code 69 will lock the server with the code 69 with an unlimited number of uses and no expiry duration.
/lock code 69 uses 10 will lock the server with the code 69 and allow the code to be used up to 10 times.
/lock code 69 duration 10m will lock the server with the code 69 and allow the code to be used for 10 minutes. After that, the server remains locked with no valid access code.
  • /unlock
    • Unlocks the server.
  • /status
    • Shows the current server locking status.
  • /regen
    • Regenerates the missing roles, channels and verification/waiting room panels.
  • /config logs
    • Shows a log of the most recent bot commands used by admins
Logs are displayed from most recent to oldest