Setting Up

Made with ❤️ by Pandez and his Pandez Labs team

Inviting the bot

Invite the bot here:
It's free!
You need a role with the Administrator or Manage Server permissions to invite the bot to your server. If you don't have a role with either of those permissions, please ask the server owner to give you one.
Always verify you are inviting the bot from our official links.
The bot is Pandez Guard Beta#6532 and is verified.
These are the only permissions the bot needs (it does not need Administrator):
Pandez Guard uses custom emotes. If you find any visual issues like this one, please enable the Use External Emojis permission for the @everyone role in the verify and waiting-room channels.

Automatic setup

Pandez Guard features an automatic setup process when joining a new server, in which it will perform the following actions:
  • Create a new verification channel where the verification panel will be posted
  • Create a waiting room channel where verified members will reside while the server is locked
  • Create a new Verified role
  • Create a new Waiting Room role
The new Verified and Waiting Room roles will be created with the same permissions as your default @everyone role. Make sure those permissions are set correctly or change them on the new roles created by the bot as you wish.
All bot commands can be used by anyone with Administrator permissions by default.

Changing the verified role

If you would like to use another verified role instead of the one created by the bot, you can use the command /config verified roles followed by the verified role(s) you would like to use. You can then delete the default "Verified" role created by the bot when it joined.
Make sure Pandez Guard's role is higher than the new verified role or the bot won't be able to assign it!

Changing the server rules

If you would like to change the rules displayed in the verification panel, you can use the command /config rules. You can set up to five rules. Input one rule per text box.

Adding admin roles

Admin roles get full unrestricted access to the bot's commands.
If you would like to give permission to other roles to use the bot's admin commands, you can use the command /config admin roles followed by the role(s) you would like to give bot admin permissions to.
You can change this at any time by using the command /config admin roles reset.

Pruning unverified members

If you would like to automatically prune members who fail to verify after joining the server, you can use the command /config prune.

Changing the captcha method

There are two captcha methods you can use with Pandez Guard: text captcha and image captcha.
You can change between the two using the /config captcha command, followed by the method you want to use.